Tuesday 3 August 2010

Download: Justine – Unicycle Loves You

Unicycle Loves You (J T Baker, Nicole Vitale and Jim Carroll)

Unicycle Love You are a trio from Chicago, Illinois and they have been playing together since 2006.  They are made up of Jim Carroll on vocals and guitar, Nicole Vitale on bass and vocals and J. T. Baker on drums.  Their new album Mirror Mirror is due out for release on September 7, 2010 and I must say, the album sounds pretty appealing:

“Heavily influenced by cult horror films and science fiction, Mirror, Mirror manages to retain the playful energy the band is known for while putting the listener into some darker territory. From the opening moments of the introduction, the sound of scraping metal and a ghostly chorus hint at the mischievous world that hides behind the looking glass. Things are never quite as they seem however, and in an instant the band plunges into "Quagga" a glistening pop tune lead by bassist Nichole Vitale, who takes the reins on several tracks, including the single and title track "Mirror, Mirror" this time around.

The twists and turns of Mirror, Mirror continue along like a heartbeat and sprints off in a frenzy as the tone of each track shifts. The Gallop of "Justine" races into the fever of "Mountain Lungs" and then slinks down into summertime haziness of the title track. Carroll adds additional percussion and fluttering keys to further embellish upon each of these distinctive tunes, which result in a lush and haunting adventure”.


Unicycle Loves You (J T Baker, Nicole Vitale and Jim Carroll)

The lovely people from the PR company have given us two free tracks to share:

Mirror Mirror (.mp3) *

Justine (.mp3) *


“Mirror Mirror” sounds okay, I think but I really like “Justine”.  I love the baseline and I think Jim’s vocals sound like a male version of Tegan and Sara. 



Unicycle Loves You links:

Unicycle Loves You Official Site
Unicycle Loves You on MySpace
Unicycle Loves you on Facebook
Unicycle Loves You on Twitter

* These are legal downloads provided by the PR company for us to post and share. If there is any question of an infringement of copyright, please contact me and I will remove links immediately.


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