Monday 19 July 2010

Music Monday ~ 26: Make Your Move – Dave Armstrong

#4: “Make Your Move” by Dave Armstrong

One of the best memories I have of my trip to London in 2004 was rushing around on the London Underground all the time listening to this song.  I found London so fast-paced and exciting and loved the efficiency and anonymity of the Underground.  I should have known then that it wouldn’t take me too long to move to London.  I don’t often catch the Underground these days and I’ve never captured the heady fever of that summer trip in 2004 but this is the city that I love and that I call home.

“Make Your Move” will always remind me of London and the London Underground.



  1. Yeah this reminds me of a time back in London working for a record label that (and still does) produced this kind of music by the bucket load! Hot sweaty unair-conditioned office days with the soundsystem banging it out. Quality!

  2. @ Vainzine: Hiya! Thanks for stopping by! It is amazing how certain songs just bring back memories, isn't it? I would love to work for a record label!


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