Monday 5 July 2010

Music Monday ~ 24: I Want You Back – The Kooks


#6: I Want You Back by The Kooks

I can’t believe it is only 18 months since I first discovered (and raved about) The Kooks.  While most of the songs in this top ten have been on my iPod and playlist for several years, the Kooks are pretty new and that just goes to show how much I played this song!  If I remember correctly, I played it on repeat for just about the whole of October 2008.  A brilliant band and I’d certainly recommend visiting my previous post to listen to more of their music.



  1. Awesome them! Great way to start my morning... thanks! I am rockin out now with a cup of tea!!

  2. @ Kiki: Ha! I agree - tea and Kooks do go so nicely together.


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