Monday 11 January 2010

Music Monday # 14: One Love – David Guetta

This is one of those songs.  You know when you’re barely listening to the radio and then a song comes on and you immediately know it is going to be one of your favourite songs ever?  I heard this the other day at work and Googled the lyrics and then voilà*, I found out who sang it and posted this video.


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* Yes, that's right. It is "voilà" not whallah or walla.



  1. I definitely know what you mean and yes I agree.. this could definitely be one of THOSE song :)
    Happy MM!

  2. I know eactly what you mean I myself love david guetta mixes I personally think he is one of the best out there. This song definitely one of those catchy, instantly likable songs for sure.

  3. @ Leigh: Thanks! Thanks for popping by!

    @ LadyJava: Isn't it just fab??

    @ Jenna: Hmmm, makes me think I should go looking for more David Guetta songs then...


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