Thursday 23 April 2009

Band: The Cinematics

When I am super busy like I was last week, I listen to a lot of dance music to get myself going in the mornings and keep myself awake on the train coming home late at night. Come Monday morning, my scattered brain needed something less hectic and I put on some of my all time favourite indie albums of all time on to play. 

I think I've mentioned before that I don't usually react too well to music that is recommended to me. I have the most eclectic taste out of anyone I know and yet I am extremely particular about my music. Recommendations from my brother often sit on my iPod for months before I finally "discover" them there and decide that they're quite good actually!

I think the reason for this is not that I'm specifically arrogant, ungrateful or rude. It is that I have a very strong emotional tie to my music and change my music with every mood. Given that I am very prone to mood swings, you can imagine why I need to have 80gb worth of music on my iPod to cater for every possible whim that I may have! I do not like travelling without my iPod, that is for sure.

The Cinematics – Strange Education


The Cinematics formed in 2003 in Glasgow in Scotland and draw their inspiration from bands like The Cure and Echo and the Bunnymen.  Their sounds reminds me strongly of the Bunnies in fact.  I mentioned recommendations before because this band was recommended to me by and I immediately fell in love with their song Being Human.  I’m really sorry that I couldn’t find an official video for the song but you have to listen to this:

I really recommend a listen to this band.  Their new stuff sounds really edgy and even more Bunny-esque.  Definitely worth a listen!


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