Friday 27 March 2009

Emm's Obsessive TV list

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I'm going to be in South Africa for the next two weeks so my apologies in advance if I post less than usual. I used to maintain this obsessive little list when my blog was still over at and I think now is a fantastic time to update it. I'm so behind on current TV and I keep promising I will catch up in the summer dry spell but I don't know anymore...

Last edit: 11 October 2009

Almost current

  • 24: Season 6 - Episode 1: Twice now Stephen and I have started watching season 6 and twice we've trailed off and stopped again. There is nothing at all wrong with this season, Ste and I just suck like that sometimes. Must catch up!
  • 90210: Season 2 episode 03. This show is my guilty pleasure. I love it!
  • Desperate Housewives: Season 3 - Episode 14: Oh my hat. I am two entire seasons behind here. I'd forgotten how good this season was - I really need to start watching again.
  • Dexter: Finished season 3: This show rocks. It is even better than the books it is based on.
  • Ghost Whisperer: Finished season 4: Blah. Hope next season is better.
  • Gossip Girl: Season 3 episode 03. 
  • Greys Anatomy: Season 5 - Episode 16: I’ve watched 6 episodes since March.  No wonder I don’t know what is going on!!!
  • Heroes: Finished season 3.
  • House: Season 6 episode 02.
  • Melrose PlaceSeason 1 episode 3.
  • Merlin: Up to date! Season 2 episode 5.  Absolutely fabulous!
  • NCIS: – Finished season 6.
  • Nip/Tuck: Season 5 - Episode 12: My gosh! This season started in October 2007 and only ended at the beginning of this March! How warped. Haven’t watched anything since March.
  • Prison Break: Season 4 - Episode 6: Bah. Will I ever finish it?
  • Private Practice: Season 2 episode 15. Love this show.
  • Rescue Me: Season 4 episode 5.
  • Sarah Connor Chronicles: Finished season 1
  • The Shield: Season 6 - Episode 1
  • Rome: Finished season 1
  • Supernatural: Finished season 4. 

Hopelessly behind

  • CSI: Season 6 - Episode 18: I'm going to cry. I'm officially three entire seasons behind.
  • CSI Miami: Finished season 4: Stephen says we've watched this season, but I'm not convinced. This makes us two-and-a-half seasons behind.
  • CSI New York: Finished season 2: Poo. Also 2.5 seasons behind.
  • ER: Season 13 episode 20. Getting there.
  • Law & Order: Crap. I have no idea even which season I'm up to here.Will have to just start watching whatever comes on TV then. They've been going 18 years with this one.
  • Law & Order: Criminal Intent: I love Vincent D'Onofrio but I honestly think I've only watched one season out of the seven Criminal Intent seasons.
  • Law & Order: SVU: Once again, completely lost as to where I am in this show. Bah.
  • Lost: Season 3 - Episode 13: Come on. Does anyone actually bother watching this anymore? Can someone just give me a 10 line summary of the story please?
  • Numb3rs: I've no idea where I am as Ste always watches this without me. I'll have to fit in with him.
  • Spooks: Up to date! Finished season 7
  • Weeds: Season 2 - Episode 9
  • Without A Trace: Finished season 4

Catching up on older shows

  • Angel: Finished season 1
  • Buffy: Finished season 4
  • Dead Like Me: Finished season 1
  • Hotel Babylon: Finished season 1
  • Spooks: Season 2 episode 4
  • The 4400: Season 4 - Episode 2: This is a great show - glad I started watching it again.

Shows on hiatus

  • Being Human: Up to date! Finished season 2.
  • Doctor Who: Up to date! Finished season 4. I really, really, really love Doctor Who. It has to be my favourite show ever and the Tenth Doctor is my favourite doctor ever. I am pretty excited about the new Doctor, Matt Smith though.
  • Sarah Jane Adventures: Up to date! Finished season 2.
  • Thief: Up to date! Finished season 1
  • Torchwood: Up to date! Finished season 3: Second best show evar!

Ended shows

  • Robin Hood: Finished season 3.


  1. Oh dear God, you watch a lot of stuff! I watch a few of them sporadically, if I can be bothered and they're on.

  2. Hello Emm. You like your T.V shows! I've only seen a few of those programs, I do watch Ghost Whisperer sometimes. Cya, great to catch up.

  3. @ tenderhooligan: S'okay. You can call me sad! I do love my telly though and thankfully Ste does too!

    @ Pizza: I love Ghost Whisperer, but it's been a bit disappointing this season.


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