Saturday 14 February 2009

Show: Demons

I'm aware that actors sometimes read internet reviews and I am conscious of how hurtful toxic and bad reviews can be.  With this in mind, I'm going to keep my review of Demons short and I'll be mindful not to launch into personal attacks on the actors involved.

Demons: ITV

Precisely six weeks ago I was very excited as a new show Demons was starting on ITV 1.  I had seen no trailers for the show and knew little about it but I loved the idea of this supernatural, demon hunting thriller.  Then why was I so happy to discover that there was no episode on tonight as the season ended last week?

At the end of the day, the only thing I remotely liked about this show was the theme tune (Eyes of the Night - Starlight Mints).  This is the worst show I have seen since Bonekickers and represents the very worst of UK television.

Firstly, there were no demons.  Fuggly critters, gremlins and vampires maybe.  Zombies even.  But no demons.  Secondly, what on earth possessed them to give Philip Glenister that ridiculous and bad American accent?  Was no one else present during takes?  Did no one else hear how bad it was?  And just how did his character being American add to the story? 

While we're on exercises in redundancy, what was the point of the blind, psychic, concert pianist?  Why was Luke's friend Ruby so damn annoying?  It was all just a page torn out of the book of "Who Cares?"

It took some time for me to warm up to Merlin but Demons was so bad that I really began to long for a bit of shallow Merlin-Arthur banter.

There is a really good article on Demons at

I'll leave you with a fan video featuring the theme tune and some clips from the show.  Some of the special effects were okay and this fan has managed to capture the only good moments in six weeks of the show in a three minute video.



  1. That's too bad the show turned out so awful. The vid makes it look like it has potential...and of course the young guy is uber cute--you can see where my priorities are, heh.

    Most of the British actors on American TV have to have American accents because apparently we identify with them less when they have that "funny" accent. Grr. Sometimes the results are fine, sometimes they sound a bit weird. It's not as big a deal when the accent makes sense to the plot, but if they have to adopt a different accent for no good reason, it is annoying.

  2. Oh yeah, I saw a list the other day of Worst American accents. Hugh Laurie is on the best and the worst list! The worst is when people try do South African accents - Leonardo DiCaprio was the worst in Blood Diamond. It was several minutes into the film and I couldn't place his accent. Then he said "bru" which is a classic South Africanism and the whole theatre erupted in laughter as we finally realised he was meant to be South African!! Tragic accent.

    Don't worry - my priorities are with good looking men too. As evidenced by the fact that I took my husband to a Harry Lloyd play last year for our wedding anniversary.

  3. I love that Hugh Laurie made both I think he does all right, but there's a certain tone he gets that's kind of nasally--Damian Lewis and Linus Roache have it too. It's not anything that jumps out as "wrong!"'s just something that occurred to me when I took the time to think about it. Just like Aussies tend to make their voices deeper to do an American accent. :P

    I did notice on Law & Order a couple weeks ago that Linus's character said someone was going "on holiday"--which no one says here. It's "on vacation" or maybe "away for the holiday". Just a small thing, of course, but it made me smile.

    As for Leo, he's such a good actor otherwise, I'm surprised he did such a bad job. I know actors are supposed to be able to do anything, but when it's a more distinctive accent, I'm not sure why they can't get someone who actually has it. Just like I don't understand why they get non-singers to do musicals.

    For your wedding anniversary...hee...well, that was hubby's present to you, right? And Harry Lloyd--what a honey! I just looked him up and saw that he did two Doctor Who episodes--I do remember his hotness, but I'll have to go rewatch them to absorb it better. :)

    The trip that proved my hubby loved me was when I took him to New York to meet up with some gal friends of mine, to see Eddie Izzard perform, and to see Hugh Jackman in the "Boy from Oz" Luckily he finds Eddie funny and we were both blown away by how incredibly gifted Hugh Jackman was. In a rather dismal production, he was a beacon of awesomeness. *G*

  4. Oh! I would love to see Hugh Jackman on stage! It must have been lovely!


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