Sunday 17 August 2008

Week in Music: Alternative Metal

This post is a week late but I guess that is the price of moving house and having a million things to do. I make myself feel better by knowing that I have other posts that are far later.

So this week was alternative metal week but pickings were pretty slim on my iMandy. The week's music was mostly comprised of the Daredevil soundtrack and the great and wonderful Queens of the Stone Age.

  1. Hemorrhage (In My Hands) - Fuel (listen): This is one of those brilliant songs that took me so long to figure out who sang it. I've always liked this song and it has to be at number one this week.
  2. Go With The Flow - Queens of the Stone Age: This is one of those classic 30 seconds songs. My theory is that you know within the first 30 seconds that this is going to be a song that you are going to play over and over again ad infinitum. I adore this song.
  3. In The Shadows - The Rasmus: One of my favourite moments of the Coca Cola Colab, March 18 2006. The Rasmus had played their hearts out to a difficult crowd that did not know their new album. Then for their last song, we just heard the first bars of "In The Shadows" and the stadium just erupted. Fantastic song.
  4. Sad Exchange - Finger Eleven: This is another song that I really struggled to figure out who sang it. I used to hear it on the radio and I just couldn't get it. Anyway, thankfully it was on the excellent Daredevil soundtrack.
  5. No One Knows - Queens of the Stone Age: This song is so funky. I think this was the first of the Queens of the Stone Age songs that caught my attention. Another repeat playing candidate.
  6. Terror - My Ruin: I first heard this song at The Red Room club. It's a really cool song and I just loved the grrrl power theme. (I've just committed a thousand anti-feminist crimes haven't I?)
  7. Won't Back Down - Fuel: This song is amazing in the film Daredevil. I think it was the whole reason i bought the soundtrack.
  8. Hangin' Tree - Queens of the Stone Age: This is the newest of my favourite Queens of the Stone Age songs. It's really great - it has that epic and emotional quality that I like my favourite songs to have.
  9. For You - The Calling: The last of the songs from the Daredevil soundtrack. This is just a really nice sing-a-long type of song and I enjoyed it on the radio and in the film.
  10. Tracey's Flaw - Skunk Anansie: A quiet one to wrap up the week from a usually louder artist. This song is just amazing.

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