Saturday 21 June 2008

Week in Music: Songs inspired by "Supernatural"

In celebrating the season 3 finale of Supernatural, I decided to have a long overdue Classic Rock week on my iPod. This comprised mostly of music under the "soft rock" label and moved onto "progressive rock" and "hard rock" later in the week. Naturally all these labels overlap in any event and "hard rock" is tame considering some of the music I listened to in later years.

Straight into the best songs of the week then.

[audio:wayward.mp3,cross.mp3,wheel.mp3,feeling.mp3,heat.mp3,urgent.mp3,dog.mp3,bird.mp3,child.mp3,crimson.mp3|titles=Carry On Wayward Son,Southern Cross,Wheel in the Sky,More Than A Feeling,Heat of the Moment,Urgent,Black Dog,Bird of Prey,Child in Time,The Court of the Crimson King|artists=Kansas,Crosby Still Nash,Journey,Boston,Asia,Foreigner,Led Zeppelin,Uriah Heep,Deep Purple,King Crimson]

  1. Carry On Wayward Son - Kansas: Any Supernatural-inspired collection of songs would have to feature this awesome song which features so heavily through the show. I love this song more and more each time I hear it.
  2. Southern Cross - Crosby, Stills & Nash: This song just makes me want to take a long road trip across America; what an awesome song. I've always loved this song but renewed that love when Watershed released their equally awesome version of the song in 2007.
  3. Wheel In The Sky - Journey: Classic rock at its all time best, Wheel In The Sky is an absolute classic.
  4. More Than A Feeling - Boston: Another song that makes me want to get behind the wheel and drive for thousands of miles cross country. It also just makes me feel happy and very 1976 again.
  5. Heat Of The Moment - Asia: Asia were an awesome band and this whole album (the self-titled "Asia") epitomises "album rock" because it is essential to listen to it all from start to finish. Nevertheless, I had to pick a favourite and this was it.
  6. Urgent - Foreigner: I remember 1982. Well, this album was released in 1981, but I remember "Urgent" and "Jukebox Hero" taking the world by storm and I remember being all of 9 years old and absolutely loving "Urgent".
  7. Black Dog - Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin had to feature somewhere on this list and it had it be "Black Dog" which is my favourite song by them. It takes me back to the dance floor at Doors nightclub - 2am Sunday morning in 1991.
  8. Bird of Prey - Uriah Heep: I honestly don't listen to enough Uriah Heep. This is a brilliant band and "Bird of prey" is definitely my favourite song by this under-rated progressive rock band.
  9. Child In Time - Deep Purple: With so many awesome Deep Purple songs to choose from, I chose "Child In Time" to feature as it goes so well between Uriah Heep and King Crimson.
  10. The Court of the Crimson King - King Crimson: You need to have a serious chat with your parents if they didn't play King Crimson for you as a child. Bad parents. This song is what progressive rock was all about and reminds me of my brown corduroy flares and sitting with my Mum and Uncle's hippie friends in Hyde Park.

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