Monday 30 June 2008

Film review: Boy A (2007)

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What a phenomenal story with superb acting from Andrew Garfield.  I enjoyed all 100 minutes of this film and it has left me wanting to watch it again, read the book and see more of Andrew Garfield.  All in all a successful film experience then.
Boy A is based on the book of the same name written by Jonathan Trigell and it seems obvious that it was at least partly based on the Jamie Bulger murder and the subsequent release of his killers in 2001.

It's hard to reconcile my memories of that case with this beautiful and moving story but nevertheless, this is a really well-written story with beautiful cinematography and subtle directing.  I'd recommend this film to all lovers of British film and am happy to say that the film is being released in the US on 24 July 2008.  Of course, those of us in the UK have already caught it on Channel 4 months ago.

Gratuitous hot Andrew Garfield picture:


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