Monday 19 February 2007

TV: It's just occurred to me...

...that if I have 54 favourite shows on, then I must have watched literally thousands of television episodes in my life.  Thousands and thousands in fact.

Eerie as that may be, perhaps more interesting is the amount of lives I have been able to keep up with over the years.  Relationships, schools, towns, worlds.  I've been completely taken up with hundreds of people's lives, yet I can't be bothered to give my friends a telephone call every now and then.

Not that I blame television for my reclusiveness.  No, that I blame on my 30's.  Hanging out with my girlfriends in bars and clubs just isn't what it used to be, whereas I will always fall in love with the hero, hold hands with the heroine.  (Reference to Hot House Flowers - Movies)


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