Monday 27 February 2006

Shows: Nip/Tuck; Weeds; Prison Break

Nip / Tuck: 3-4. Pretty cool. The fake Carver victim. I absolutely KNEW the real Carver would come out and make her sorry for being a fake. Seeing as I know who the Carver is and all... :0) I went through quite a period of disliking Christian, but I'm really starting to like him again now. He's showing some depth and that is good. I'd like Troy's freaky MJ-lookalike son to melt, implode and sod off. Really.

Weeds: 1-4. Better than all the rest so far. I'm actually looking forward to the next episode.

Prison Break: 1-4. :0( Michael wasn't as hot this episode. Oh! Except for the scene where he is in the shower and has but a towel aorund him. Yummy man. I am really enjoying the story. I'm trying to look for all the little clues hanging around, but I imagine the story isn't all that complex. I think that a lot of it is based on the unpredictability of human action, and how humans are slave to neither reason nor morality.


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