Wednesday 22 February 2006

Film review: Aeon Flux (2005)


I know, I know... not many people liked Aeon Flux. And yet for some strange reason I loved it so fiercely, all I can think of is returning to that beautiful Japanese garden of the future.

They say that when music video producers hit the big screen, you can see the effects in the use of lighting and colour. And indeed, the design and vision this movie presented of the future is simply outstanding. It was visually beautiful, a symphony for the eyes.

And there have been similar films that have been criticised as this film has been. The Cell is one such film that comes to mind. Except that where the pain of the characters was only accessible in d'Onofrio's character in The Cell, and this through the visualisation of his madness, the emotions of the characters in Aeon Flux are expressed by the actors themselves. Once again, not everyone agrees here, but I so accessed Csokas's character that it has greatly influenced my view of this film.

It reminded me of the field scene in 1984, the beauty of The Cell, the warped futuristic vision of Handmaid's Tale. And so I gave it a ten.



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