Monday, 12 September 2011

Music Video: Dead Man’s Bones - “Lose Your Soul”

Um, wow.  Talk about a discovery.  I happen to be slightly mad about Ryan Gosling.  In the sense that I’d be likely to pack up my entire life and leave with him in a second, if he asked.  Which, as you can imagine, isn’t very likely ad is exactly why my other half lets me get away with such traitorous thoughts.

I didn’t know Ryan Gosling was in a band and I certainly didn’t know they were brilliant!

Well, he is and it is called Dead Man’s Bones.  Ryan and friend Zach Shields realised they had a mutual obsession with ghosts and they took to writing love stories about ghosts and monsters which they then set to music.  Luckily they happen to be super talented and Ryan can certainly sing because they sound brilliant.

I discovered Dead Man’s Bones while watching Teen Wolf which is one of my favourite new shows.  “Lose Your Soul” plays in episode 10 “Co-Captain” when Derek Hale confronts Jackson in the locker room.

I’m really sorry to say that I couldn’t find an official video for this one but I thought this video was cool enough to justify sharing this great track.

Dead Man’s Bones’ eponymous debut album was released in 2009 and they performed selected gigs to rave reviews.  They hope to release a follow up later this year.

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