Editorial Guidelines for Sponsored Guest Posts

Sponsored guest posts are an excellent opportunity to promote your brand while providing unique and engaging content to a wider audience. Here at Addicted to Media, our biggest concern is to provide great content for readers while ensuring adherence to legal and ethical guidelines regarding sponsorship.

We do accept sponsored guest posts at Addicted to Media subject to the following editorial guidelines:

  • Should be written in English and conform to as high a standard as the writing on this blog.
  • Should be unique to Addicted to Media and must not appear elsewhere on the Internet (either prior to or following publishing).
  • Should be written about a topic relevant to this blog: music, film, television, books, pop culture, celebrities, concerts, technology.
  • All embedded links must be natural and must add to the topic of the post. This is very important - there is nothing worse than unnatural or badly placed links.
  • All posts will be accompanied by a guest author box which must include the full name of the author plus a head shot. You may include a link back to your organisation, contact information as well as social media links in the guest author box. If this is not possible then please consider a sponsored post which I will write.
  • All guest posts will be introduced as such and sponsored guest posts will be disclosed at the end of the post.
  • Creative commons images will be accepted if full attribution can be given to the original photographer.

In terms of exposure, the guest post will spend 7 days on the front page of the blog and will remain permanently in the archive thereafter. I do limit the amount of sponsored posts that I publish to two per month which I believe gives maximum exposure to the sponsor while still engaging readers. All posts are promoted on Twitter and Facebook and readers are also engaged and replied to in the comments section.

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