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Make a Living in the Music Industry

Jean-Michel Jarre in concert

Are you unhappy with your current career choice? Are you trying to find a different career path that will be more fulfilling for you? If this is the case, getting a job that involves working in some facet of the music business could be exactly what you are looking for. This is especially true if you have been a music lover for your entire life. There is no reason you should be relegated to only singing along with songs you hear on the radio. You can actually be a cog in the machine that allows this great music to be created. Here are several of the best examples of various ways that you will be able to make money in the music industry.

1. Work for music artists as a publicist

Publicists are an essential part of the careers of musical artists. This is because an artist will need to go out and promote their new music before it is released. This is because it is essential that the musician gets the word out to the public that their new music is available. A publicist is responsible for setting up various interviews and media appearances so the musician can promote their latest release. The publicist also negotiates the parameters of the interview. For example, there might be something the the artist's past that he or she does not want to talk about. The publicist will talk to the person who will be conducting the interview and make it clear what subjects are off limits and cannot be discussed.

2. Working as an engineer or a producer in a recording studio will allow you to be a part of the creative process

Do you have the desire to work closely with the musicians while they are actually creating their music? It would be in your best interests to receive the necessary training to work as a recording studio engineer or a producer. The producer is basically as powerful in a recording studio as a director is on a movie set. He decides on any changes that need to be made in order to make the songs sound as good as possible. Many musicians will produce their own songs because they do not want someone telling them how their music should sound. However, some of the most successful musicians in the world still welcome the opinions of a skilled producer. A studio engineer is the person who oversees and operates all of the equipment in the studio. The mixing board is a huge part of this. He can move the switches on the board to bring various instruments and vocals up or down in the mix according to the instructions of the producer.

3. Manage the careers of musicians

Having a great manager is essential to the success of any musician. A manager oversees every aspect of the careers of his or her clients. The manager will negotiate various deals on behalf of the musician. A road manager will put together concert tours and book venues where the musician will perform. Coran Capshaw built an amazing career by managing Dave Matthews band and many other musical artists who are known around the world. Capshaw is loved by his clients. Being a manager of musicians can be a challenging, yet rewarding career.

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