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More Than Just Spin: Five Great TV Adverts

Let’s face it, adverts are not our favourite part of the viewing experience which is why marketers have to come up with ever more impressive ways to engage the audience. From tearjerkers to bouncing balls to a serious WTF moment with Jean-Claude Van Damme, here are five of the most impressive adverts gracing British screens at the moment. This is a sponsored post written on my behalf by the team at Content Amp.

It may still be early but whether you like it or not Christmas has arrived. The much-anticipated Christmas adverts have been released online and had already been analysed before their television airing.

Television adverts have progressed from the ordinary into inspiring feats of cinematic prowess, each fighting to produce the most thought-provoking and tear-jerking clip.

We take a look at some of the most visually impressive and memorable adverts or films, both old and new.

Sainsbury’s Christmas in a Day

Academy Award winning Director Kevin Macdonald has teamed up with Sainsbury’s this year to create Sainsbury’s Christmas in a Day. This ingenious campaign includes a number of trailers that are being aired in preparation for the release of a full-length feature film.

The film has been crowd sourced from the British public, who contributed over 400 hours worth of clips to produce an insight into real homes at Christmas.

Watch the video here or enjoy the miniature themed clips on the Sainsbury’s website; the Christmas tree clip follows people in their amusing struggles to put up their trees, while the homecoming clip will leave you sobbing as a family send emotional messages to their dad in Afghanistan. This is a follow up from Macdonald’s previous film ‘Life in a Day,’ but with a festive focus.

Sony 8 Million Flowers

This Autumn Sony released 8 million flowers over a small French town, to help sell their new 4K TV. This volcanic eruption of red, orange and white petals spills out onto the valley in slow motion to hauntingly acoustic music.

Sony Bravia’s Bouncing Balls

…And it’s not the first time they’ve proved themselves as advertising geniuses. In 2005, they created one of the most captivatingly beautiful adverts to launch their Bravia LCD televisions.

The advert is simple in concept; 250,000 bouncy balls were filmed bouncing down the steep streets of San Francisco. The outcome was magnificent: from every angle and at different speeds, the balls are filmed bouncing off cars, buildings and down steps. People look through their windows in wonder as they cascade down the street to the lovely Jose Gonzalez soundtrack. The vibrant colours signify the incredible picture quality of the Bravia television and they subsequently sold out in the UK.

Volvo’s Epic Split Feat

The new Volvo advert packs a dramatic punch, as Jean-Claude van Damme stands between two moving Volvo trucks, balancing on the wing mirrors. He is calmly standing with crossed arms, then, as the trucks begin to part, he drops into perfect splits with his eyes closed: the ultimate action hero.

The test is performed to demonstrate the stability and precision of the Volvo Dynamic Steering. With the sun setting in the background and Enya’s ‘Only Time’ providing the musical accompaniment, this is an enchanting and amusing advert you can’t tear your eyes off.

Honda’s Cog

To advertise the seventh generation Honda Accord in 2003, this domino effect advert sees 85 individual components from the car set up in such a way that the movement of one piece knocks the next into action.

Wheels roll up a ramp, a tin drips a liquid onto the next ramp overbalancing it, and a pair of windscreen wipers crawls across the floor. This is a mechanically brilliant production, with the tagline: “Isn’t it nice when things just work.”

The advert gained huge critical acclaim and increased sales and revenue considerably.

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