Friday, 30 August 2013

Smarter, Bigger, More Social: Television of the Future

How cool is this infographic? I have to say, I’m pleased that cricket trumped football in television viewing figures and I had no idea that so many people watched Charles and Di’s wedding and that comparatively fewer watched Will and Kate’s wedding. Of course, I watched both but as an adult, Will and Kate’s wedding just seemed so much bigger to me, so momentous.

Interestingly, an average of 6 million viewers watched “An Unearthly Child”, the first story arc of Doctor Who back in 1963 yet a mere 7.45 million watched the season 7 finale “The Name of the Doctor” when it aired in May. And those figures were boosted some 2 million over the overnight figures, something that was not originally an issue when television was consumed in a primarily live format.

Television has definitely changed since the days of grainy black and white serials, dodgy props and the introduction of Technicolor. Indeed, when deciding whether to purchase a Smart TV these days, our primary concern isn’t even whether we can watch television on it but all the other fabulous things it can do. Consumers are looking for so much more than just a screen and the clever people at Sony have brought out a range of Smart TVs to suit their every need.

The Home Cinema Experience

With the advent of High Definition viewing, consumers have come one step closer to a true home cinema experience. The difficulty was that old tube televisions and early plasma screens didn’t quite cut it. The Sony Smart TV range has an impressive set of specifications as standard including 1080p resolution, edge LED backlighting,  and refresh rates above 200Hz. In addition, standard and 3D versions are available in the range.

Internet Ready

One of the primary reasons that we are looking for a new television is that as useful as our current LCD flat screen TV is, it is not Internet ready and we can’t connect an Ethernet cable to it. Not only is the Sony Smart TV range Internet ready, it has wireless connectivity which has the added bonus of less cabling.


The most important aspects of any Smart TVs are what they offer from an interactive point of view and the Sony Smart TV range does not disappoint. The Sony Entertainment Network is available to provide the user with a vast number of video on demand materials such as complete TV series and the like. This is supplemented with LoveFilm and Netflix to complete the video on demand experience. Catch-up TV is not forgotten in the Smart TV range with 4oD, BBC iPlayer , Demand 5 and the like available in the interactive bouquet.


As expats with loved ones scattered around the globe, perhaps most important to us is the ability to connect to social networking sites. Being able to see your loved ones in high definition is often as close as you can get to them for several years. The Sony Smart TV range connects to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Skype (camera and microphone sold separately for £89.99) for any Internet addict needing to ensure they are always connected.

As with any electronic devices these days the amount of technologies that comes with devices depends on the amount of money you are willing to part with.  The Sony Smart TV range will cost you anywhere from £849 to £2399 and the screen sizes vary from 40" to 55".

This is a Sponsored Post but as always, all opinions are honest and entirely my own.


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