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Inspired: The Top 6 Pieces of Iconic Movie Seating

Are you seated comfortably? Good. Sit back and relax as guest author Nicky Hand discusses 6 iconic and inspired pieces of movie seating.

During the 50s and 60s, furniture designers went through something of a renaissance and began to experiment with distinctive shapes, bold colours and new combinations of materials. Some of the results became international sensations and many of the designs remain popular to this day.

There's no denying that contemporary furniture is just plain cool, and this is a reputation that has only been heightened by Hollywood. Here's a list of iconic pieces that have found lasting fame and cult status after an appearance on screen.

Eames Chair – Frasier

Frasier Crane is well known for his high class taste and his refusal to settle for anything less than the absolute finest things in life. The inclusion of a designer Eames chair in his Seattle apartment is a testament to this, and it has led to appearances of this beautiful piece in the most exclusive of interior designs.

Lip Sofa Austin Powers

Lips Sofa – Austin Powers

Lips sofas first appeared when Salvador Dali created a portrait of Mae West out of an entire room. Since then, their appearance in the Austin Powers series has firmly associated them with the swinging sixties. Lips sofas are undoubtedly a signature piece that can create a wow factor in bedrooms or contemporary living rooms.

Ovalia Egg Chairs – Men in Black

These instantly recognisable swivel chairs are symbolic of futuristic simplicity, which made them the perfect choice for inclusion in the poster campaign of Men in Black 2. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones holding enormous space guns will go a long way for increasing the popularity of most things, and egg chairs didn't need much help as it was. These chairs are another great choice for bedrooms and open plan living spaces.

Ovalia Egg Chairs Men in Black

Barcelona Chair – Casino Royale

The Barcelona chair achieves that tricky balance between retro chic and timeless elegance that fits in perfectly with the latest incarnation of Ian Fleming's classic character. Everything in Bond's universe is expected to deliver ultimate performance without compromising on ultra sleek style, and the Barcelona chair doesn't disappoint. Available in single chairs as well as longer sofas, Barcelona furniture lends glamour to a classic décor.

Djinn Chair – 2001: A Space Odyssey

Originally known as the 'low fireside chair' the Djinn is now more commonly referred to as the '2001 chair' after it appeared so prominently in Stanley Kubrick's vision of the future back in 1968. With bold colours and a relaxed slouching shape, Djinn chairs are a popular choice for stylish reception areas in creative companies.

Djinn Chair 2001 Space Odyssey

Classical Leather Armchair – The Matrix

Utilised in the famous moment where Neo is given the choice between red or blue pills, these impressive pieces of furniture really do speak for themselves and have no problem holding their own and as the sole piece of set in a pivotal scene. A leather armchair lends itself easily to a traditional style of décor, but thanks to the cult following of Matrix fans you can also come across them incorporated into more contemporary looks too.

Written by Nicky Hand. If you're looking for a range of iconic seating then you will find lips, eggs and many more at Hansboma.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored guest post that has been written especially for Addicted to Media.


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