Monday, 26 September 2011

The Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Future of Blogging

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has finally arrived and I have to say, it looks really gorgeous.  This Android tab is just 8.6mm wide with a 10.1" 1280 x 800 (WXGA) display and is both feature rich and portable.  What is most impressive about the new Galaxy Tab is that it has a built-in camera and flash which is useful for Skype but especially useful for blogging and social networking on-the-go.  You can take photos, compose posts using a blogging app and upload them via Wi-Fi, thus doing away with the need for notebooks, cameras and even smart phones.  The Galaxy Tab is the future of blogging and I want one.

It seems I’m not the only person who thinks so.  Fats Shariff, also known as the Blogfather, is the London-based photographer and blogger who runs  He has an eye for style, trends and talent and is always at the centre of what is hot and happening in London.  He takes the most intimate photographs of nights out in the city and you always get the feeling that you were right there with them, sharing the fun.

In the video below, Fats tells us about his photography and the many uses of the Samsung Galaxy Tab in street photography; in capturing and edit images using Android apps; and in blogging.  I love it when people like Fats embrace technology like the Galaxy Tab or Instagram (check his website!) because it just goes to show what people like us can achieve with that technology.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab will be launching in stores across the UK this month.  If you’d like to keep up to date with the reviews, unboxings and stories about the Galaxy Tab, you can visit the World of Tab at or the Facebook page here.




Disclaimer: This is a Sponsored Post but all gadget-lust is entirely my own.



  1. I can see the appeal, but would like to see your experiences with the galaxy, especially since I have found myself in possession of an iPad recently. Tell Ste to get you a galaxy for Xmas ;)

  2. Well, the next thing you know I'll be sponsoring a post about a brand new DSLR camera that I get to write about.

    I never thought about using a tablet for photography. I just think it would feel... wrong, not to have that feel of a camera in my hands.


  3. @ Vanessa: it takes me an incredibly long time to make up my mind before buying gadgets but when I do, I normally keep them forever. Tablets aren't cheap but as I'll be getting an iPhone 5 (hopefully) in March, I probably will go for something like this when I get a tab. I like the camera and we do love Samsung in our house!

    @ Matt: there is nothing to stop you writing gadget or camera reviews on your blog. People often look for the opinions of photographers they respect when they are buying a new camera. I used to think serious photography could not take place with tablets or smart phones but that view is changing lately. It's not so different from your "shooting from the hip".

  4. Hey Emm.

    I was pretty surprised to read this review from you as I'm having a tough dilemma as whether to purchase an iPad2 or a Samsung Tab. It does cost a hefty amount of money. The tab's equivalent is a decent laptop capable of gaming, so I was wondering if it's really worth it to purchase a tab.

  5. Uh Oh..I want one now...ha ha!! Thanks Emm for sparking me..i thnk it'd be pefect for me!

  6. @ Haopee: That is my problem exactly, they are so expensive, you have to make the right decision when you buy!!

    @ Kiki: Ha! I think we'll all have tablets soon.


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